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A series of training activities were held in Shanghai
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Shanghai factory held "happy journey peach blossom Tour"

Shanghai factory held "happy journey peach blossom Tour"

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, the Shanghai factory held a "happy journey peach blossom Tour" on April 9. The peach blossom garden is full of flowers, showing a scene of spring, and there are high-altitude acrobatics, northeast stilts, Henan drum and other performance activities. Through this activity, the exchange and communication between employees have been enhanced, and employees can meet new challenges with more passion in the New Year!

Shanghai mingxiong holds training activities for marketers

Shanghai mingxiong held a growth training activity for marketers with the theme of regional dealer development and management. This training focuses on communication, breaks the fixed mode of traditional teaching and learning, and allows everyone to share their highlights and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere through interactive forms such as on-site Q & A, scenario simulation and case analysis. Before the training, everyone sang the song of * * together. The loud singing made everyone more energetic, and the interactive link was unanimously recognized by everyone. However, in the future, we need to strengthen the summary and analysis, and strive to let more people participate in the interaction. We should not only improve the business skills of marketing personnel, but also improve the comprehensive ability of lecturers, Lay a good foundation for the construction of the company's internal trainer team.