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Unmounted flap wheel


直径 x 厚度 x 孔径 (mm)直径 x 厚度 x 孔径 (英寸)可选粒度最大转速包装
( 片/箱)
115 x 20 x M144.5 x 3/4 x M14P36~P120013,30010
200 x 25 x 328x 1 x 11/57,6004
300 x 50 x 12712 x 1 x 55,1002
350 x 50 x 12714 x 2 x 54,3001

【abrasive cloth brand】

Kingspore, VSM, deerfos, bison, crown, 3M, Sanling, kingcattle, etc

【product use】

Carry out surface treatment on magnesium alloy, nickel alloy and aluminum alloy plates, and polish, deburr and clean the inner surfaces of pipes, cylinders and irregular parts. The products are widely used in the grinding and polishing of large tooling equipment such as aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, oil and gas pipeline and so on.

【applicable object】

Applicable to stainless steel, standard steel, alloy steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal materials and alloys, plastic materials, glass fiber, rubber, marble, stone, concrete, wood, leather or leather, etc.

【applicable tools】

Angle grinder, grinder, polishing machine

【product advantages】

Tools can be easily changed by hand without additional auxiliary tools. The use of double card groove flanging pouring process has higher strength and larger size to meet the needs of different customers