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Radial flap disc


Flexible flap disc, also known as Korean flap disc or flap wheel


● it is made of glass fiber as backing and bonded with emery cloth and backing.

● easy to install on angle grinder.

● low price.

● a flexible use mode, suitable for surface grinding and polishing.

● easy to use, comfortable movement and no vibration. The surface is smooth and uniform without notch.


It is mainly used for grinding metal, stainless steel, derusting, paint removal, grinding solder joints, etc


Instead of grinding wheel, the product has better elasticity, heat dissipation and bending, is easy to polish, has great flexibility and does not burn the workpiece. It is a good helper for grinding curved workpiece.


Brown corundum, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide



At present, the popular color is blue calcined brown corundum, which is used for surface polishing of metal and stainless steel.

Coarse Grit - For rough grinding and shaping. Medium Grit - For semi rough grinding. Fine Grit - For smooth grinding.